The Frog and Nightgown
The Frog



A traditional British pub, serving the Tri-Cities area of British Columbia.
We are casual, relaxed and fun

Originally located in the Frogs Hollow area of what is now Coquitlam, the pub was built with little much around it, how times of changed

The original owners love for the British TV show ‘The Hancock show’ in the 50s, in which a popular catchphrase was ‘ heading the Frog and Nightgown for a swift old pint’, Along with the Frog Hollow location meant it was always meant to be that that name would adorn the entrance!

Built in 1984, and renovated many times, the pub has still kept its original house looking exterior, with its signature tower. Next door we added the liquor store to further serve our customers.

Come check us out and see the original “Frog and the Princess’ stained glass picture which still sits above our fireplace.


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